More than just Crumbling Remains Entangled in Overgrowth
Graveyards are alive with stories of human endeavour.

Templebreedy Sunset

Families bringing children into the world, resourceful in their abilities to nurture, feed, cloth & educate them. Saddened by their passing, Marking their graves to Rejoice in their living. Mother. Father. Sister. Brother….. Grandmother. Grandfather. Aunt. Uncle. Niece. Nephew, cousin….. Great Grandparent(s)….. Baby. Memories to behold…. Those that fought to make a better place for us all to live. Listened to the call to serve. Artistic in nature. Artisans in life. Scientific and wondrous.

It’s a Place to show we Cared.
We are Caring and we are Proud.

Heritage On Our Doorstep

learning from our heritage

How Can I Get Involved?

Adopt A Headstone :

In 3 easy steps
  1. Write down the Inscription from the front of the Headstone and back if applicable. Hint: Use a torch / mobile phone light and hold at different angles to help reveal the inscription. Include the Makers name if present.
  2. Take a photo – Include the surround markings i.e. kerbing or iron railing
  3. Navigate to Tap Add Item Tap Share Now

If you have more time to spare:

A little research goes a long way ….

Study the Headstone in more detail making note of the Height, Width & Depth and what material was used i.e. Marble, Granite, Limestone, Concrete, Sandstone …

Research the people mentioned on the headstone. Maybe there are relatives living locally that may have some photos, recording, memorabilia or interesting stories / poems. Check the Resources page for helpful pointers.

Navigate to to your uploaded Adopted Headstone to add your findings or email : if you require some helpful assistance with your contribution.

Heritage On Our Doorstep

learning from our heritage

We have a great tradition here in Ireland, celebrating the lives of our loved ones with a “good send-off”. This is where the idea for the platform name came from …. “Deoch an doras” is an old saying meaning “a drink for the door” or as some would say, “one for the road” (bóthar)! While the #3D #VR #Digital #Storybook name Templebreedy | + Knocking on Heaven’s Door…. is born out of it’s stunning location, on high ground, overlooking the mouth of Cork Harbour.

Check out as Templebreedy | + Knocking on Heaven’s Door …. is revealed throughout Heritage Week