Templebreedy Stepping Stones

| A Crosshaven Community Project

This project explores Community & History, a sense of belonging, gathering stories, providing a way for families to celebrate & remember loved ones & the forgotten; through a 3D VR immersive model of the graveyard & St. Matthew’s Church. This digital footprint provides 24/7/365 Global Virtual Access (GVA). The Community, both Adults & Children are encouraged to Decode Past Lives through an Adopt A Grave initiative.

A project that builds on community efforts to save the local Templebreedy Graveyard & St. Matthew’s church ruin.

| Crowdsourced

Comprising of 3 Strands:
Strand 1 | Record community clean up and maintenance of Templebreedy Graveyard encompassing St. Matthew’s Church. The Grapevine and The Spine.
Strand 2 | Create a 3D VR immersive model footprint. Templebreedy 3D VR Model.
Strand 3 | Construct a method to create a digital record of each Headstone to include digital photo, text inscription & multi-modal access. Add Item, Templebreedy Archive and | + Knocking on Heaven’s Door ….

| Digital Project Lead: Norma O’Connor